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Do all pawn shops buy electronics and how to locate a pawn shop that accepts electronics?

Rule of thumb, almost all pawn shops would buy electronics as long as they are in good conditions. But there are pawn shops that do not prefer to work with electronics due to the fact that sometimes they are tough to sell. So in general, a pawn shop would buy any item which it would be able to sell easily. Same goes for items that could be used as collateral. To be specific, electronics that are out of date would not be easy to sell for a pawn shops. For example, cd players, hand held radios, gps navigation systems and such. On the other hand, almost all the pawn shops prefer to work with new cell phones as long as they are in decent condition.

What sort of electronics should you not buy at a pawn shop?

It would be difficult to answer this question as every pawn shop is different. The important thing to know is that electronic equipment can end up having issues at any moment, and almost all the electronic at a pawn store is used, it is wise to inspect the item first before buying. That being said, there are certain items which one should definitely be aware of when buying at a pawn store. Vacuum Cleaners. You just don’t know what other people have tried to suck up with their vacuums before. You can also introduce new germs and allergens to your house by using a vacuum that has been used elsewhere.


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